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Ethical Arborist Seattle

owner Dan Lundquist'S Philosophy:

Trees to me are sacred. They are critical to the Earth and enhance our lives immensely.  My goal is create harmony between the trees, people, and the urban environment.  Well pruned and cared for trees thrive in their place and are an asset to homeowners and community alike. 

I am an intuitive pruner that works with the tree to enhance it's shape, form, and flow to reveal it's greatest beauty. 

I do not advocate for topping, pollarding, hacking, and inappropriate removals. Too often removals are unfortunate lucrative casualties of big tree companies that pressure homeowners with fear and misinformation.  I'm a tree hugger and your trees are more important to me than the bottomline. 

A good day for me is a big tree saved and no financial gain. 

Long live the trees!